Tableau UI Kit for Figma (15% off using "save15")

Tableau UI Kit helps Tableau users design rapid prototypes for their clients. In the Kit, you can find ready-to-use charts that you can drag-and-drop to mirror the design style of Tableau.

Show your client a high-fidelity prototype that has the look and feel of Tableau. You can also find ready-to-go dashboard layouts for more inspiration.


✅ 80+ pre-made blocks

✅ 100+ components  

✅ Same look and feel as Tableau

✅ Easily drag-and-drop all charts and dashboard elements.

✅ 10+ ready-to-go dashboard layouts

✅ Continuous updates with new charts, elements, and dashboard layouts for more inspiration.

Live preview

👁️ Live Demo

One-off payment

⛔ No memberships.

♾️ Download it and use it forever.

🆓 Get free lifetime updates

You are not alone! 🤲🏼

We have created a quick start guide to help you get started with the UI Kit.

Are you wondering, "Is this for me?"

Tableau BI Developers, Product Developers, UI/UX Designers

Consider the following case:


A client approaches you and wants to develop a new dashboard on Tableau that displays the company's financial statements. She doesn't know what the final deliverable will look like.

In most cases, BI developers create a dashboard on Tableau or another BI tool first and then discuss it with the client for changes or approval.


The client usually requests a few changes that take a lot of time, especially if a change requires adjusting the database. After that, you fix the dashboard and maybe make a few more changes to satisfy the client. This process may occur 2-3 times or even more, ultimately taking a lot of time for BI developers to finalize the dashboard.


What if you could have a tool that would help you solve this problem?

You could quickly design a dashboard that has the same look and feel as it will on Tableau, discuss it with your clients, make a few design changes that will take a few minutes, and then hand it over to the BI developers.

How does this sound? Like it could save a lot of time and money?


Is Figma free?

Yes! You can use it for free, and it is on the cloud!

I am a beginner at Figma. Do you provide any material on how to get started?  

Yes! We do have a quick start guide with a step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

Do I get updates?

Yes! You get free lifetime updates with your purchase.

Do you accept returns?

No. We strongly believe in our product, and we will make sure that our clients are fully satisfied by making continuous improvements and updates.

However, before purchasing, do not hesitate to email us for more information at


This is not an official UI Kit from Tableau or Figma. Tableau UI Kit was designed by independent designers and Tableau users to help the Tableau community design rapid prototypes using Figma.

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Tableau UI Kit for Figma (15% off using "save15")